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Classes Offered

Our Classes

  • Baby Class (2 -3 years old)
  • Elementary School Tap/Ballet
  • Combo Tap/Ballet
  • Hip Hop (ages 7 & up)
  • Hip Hop Lyrical Advanced
  • Beginner Tap (ages 10 & up)
  • Intermediate Tap
  • Advanced Tap
  • Intermediate Ballet
  • Advanced Ballet (6 years experience)
  • Ballet Pointe (on approval)
  • Solo
  • Duo
  • Trio

The Dance Factory offers a wide variety of dance classes for children and adults. Most children between the ages of three and four highly benefit from a combination class of ballet, tap, creative movement, and theater. This class is fun and always exciting and introduces their young children to dance basics.

Once a child is four years old, she may be interested in a combination ballet and tap class. The basic foundation for ballet is explained including a respect for it’s beautiful art form. Terminology is also introduced so there is a complete understanding of what each and every step and position means.

Tap dancing is exciting for everyone all the time. It is a favorite at our studio and often includes using props and Broadway show tunes. We begin with the basics and move forward teaching a very wide variety of time steps,
Combinations across the floor and formations.

Hip-hop is an all-time favorite. No prior experience is needed for this class no matter your age. If you love music and you love to move and enjoy the freedom of self-expression, this is the perfect class for you! This class is particularly appealing to boys and we even offer free hip-hop classes to all dance fathers!

Our ballet classes are scheduled according to experience. It is very important that technique be explained properly and this takes time and a great deal of practice. We begin with all of the basics and move forward through eight different levels of ballet training very similar to the syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dancing. Our classes consist of basic ballet work, extensive ballet work, center floor work, combinations across the floor, staging, and production. This class is appropriate for all ages and girls will advance to the next level when recommended by their teacher.

Ballet pointe is the final level of our ballet training. Girls who qualify will be invited to this class by their teacher. It is important that girls moving into this class be physically and mentally ready to handle the demands and challenges of dancing on their toes. This requires an immense knowledge of terminology, body placement, and strong feet. It sometimes takes several years for a dancer to be physically ready to take on these challenges. When a dancer qualifies for this class it is always cause for celebration.

Our lyrical and contemporary classes are open to all girls over seven years old. These classes combine ballet and jazz together to form beautiful pieces of choreography that sometimes include props. These classes are exciting because the sky is the limit and often times these choreographed pieces tell an interesting story. Costumes are always unique and beautiful and contribute greatly to the piece. This class is a favorite among our middle school and high school girls.

Jazz class is at the Dance Factory is fun and exciting! We train a great deal in leaps, turns, and jumps. Music is always upbeat and often reflects Broadway musicals tunes. Jazz is recommended for girls seven years old and up. This includes the mothers.

Please contact Miss Dianne if you would like to set up an appointment for a studio tour or to review our class schedule which is constantly being updated as my classes are needed.

Class placement is based on ability level over age. Our philosophy is that students well benefit highly from small groups so our classes do fill quickly. Our goal is to provide each dancer with as much personal attention as possible so class sizes are strictly limited. Early registration is highly recommended.

The Dance Factory provides performing opportunities for all dancers at least twice yearly. (Christmas and June). We also perform locally for special events such as the Victorian Street Walk in downtown Saratoga Springs, and have performed at the Saratoga race track in August for over 18,000 people.