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Customer Comments

I can say with ease that being apart of The Dance Factory family was an experience that truly shaped my life. Dancing here for 10 years has taught me not only how to dance with excellence and beauty but has also taught me so many more impactful life skills. Here, I learned of dedication and self confidence, as well as communication within a team. In addition I was taught how to take corrective criticism, and developed what it takes to be a good person in this world. This credit is due to Miss Dianne, who has never failed to make each day I danced a day of learning made fun. I have never had a teacher (even in school) that has took the time to teach each and every student with such a great attitude. Dancing here made me comfortable to come out of my shell and truly grow as a person. Dianne is such a hard-working and compassionate woman that truly cares about her students and has pushed us to be the best version of ourselves every day. No other dance studio in the area can really compete with the true value of learning that continues to come from Miss Dianne’s instruction at The Dance Factory.

Bella Morabito

My daughter loved going to the Dance Factory under the instruction of Ms. Dianne. My daughter was shy, and Ms. Dianne took the time to talk to her and explain every step in a way the kids would understand. Ms. Dianne is a sweet and caring instructor who truly loves dance and the children she teaches. She puts her heart and soul into the studio. My daughter was eager to practice her dance moves at home and even more excite for her recitals. The only reason we stopped going to the studio is because we moved out of the area. We were heartbroken, and no other studio has measured up to The Dance Factory. Dianne has clear communication to both the students and the parents, and going there is truly a pleasure.

Cheri Fedele

I have been dancing at The Dance Factory for over a year now. When I first walked in, I had little experience. Miss Dianne welcomed me with open arms, and all of my dance friends can say the same. Miss Dianne is the most patient, caring, and compassionate person you will ever meet. She pushes us to our very best and has never given up. My favorite part about dancing at this wonderful studio is Miss Dianne’s love for all of her students. She treats us like family. Not only have my dancing skills improved, my time management and organization have as well. I am on a competitive gymnastics team, and I have never been able to do another sport. However, I found the time to dance and have never regretted it. My dance skills have been greatly ameliorated and all of that credit goes to miss Dianne. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. She is so hard working and determined. Always trying her hardest for us. Taking all of these reasons into consideration, I HIGHLY recommend attending the dance factory.

Isabella Barrett

I have a long history at the dance factory. Having danced there for 11 years, I can assure you the knowledge brought to you is Substantial. You will not only learn technique but you/ your child will learn self control And patience all while developing confidence. The dance factory is unlike any other dance school in the area and holds a special place in my heart. If I still lived in the area, my daughter would be attending The Dance Factory without a doubt. Dianne, the owner is inspiring and will lift up your child and push them to be the best they can be. The Dance Factory will without a doubt become your child’s escape and safe haven.

Mirana Monrian

Dance is a place where I can find myself and lose myself all at the same time. it’s my home away from home, my sunshine on a cloudy day. Dance is my escape from reality if only for a few hours. ❤️ I will never stop dancing. The Dance Factory is my favorite place to be. The love in that wonderful place is immense. I have so many amazing friends that I dance with and to me, it feels like one big happy family! Miss Dianne is the most wonderful ballet teacher ❤️ the Dance Factory will forever be in my heart.

Kylie Veldeman

I danced with Diane for a total of 14 years and I loved every moment of it. She is the kindest and most caring and respectable woman you will ever meet and has inspired me throughout the years in countless ways. Diane is wonderful with the little ones and has incredible patience for teaching such small children. She certainly pushes the children to try their very best and put effort into every single performance, although still finding time for fun and enjoyment with every class. I hope that one day my own children will have the joy of a dance teacher as good as Diane.

Sarina Sleasman

I danced with Dianne for 10 years, and even came back to do a few more shows with her after graduating high school. Dianne by far changed the way I thought and still think about dance. I started with her when I was 8. I had danced at a few other studios around Saratoga, and nothing compares to The Dance Factory. Dianne is a fantastic teacher, with all the patience in the world. She is compassionate, supportive and understanding. She helps you find your limit without pushing you too far. Dianne makes class fun and taught me never to settle. Dianne cares about her dancers and their families, she loves what she does and it shows. Some of my best dance memories are at her studio, I would highly recommend The Dance Factory.

Katrina Rench

My daughter is 10 years old now, we been with Miss.Dianne for almost five years.its really great place to learn dance, my daughter dance skills grow stronger each year,both me and my husband attended adult class too at night, we had so much fun! Miss Dianne is a great dance teacher, she is such a wise and patience teacher,There is one thing happened two years ago I still remembered until now.before the recital night we found out my daughter tight had a big hole. We worried we might have not enough time to find her a new one, sometimes you can’t find the right size in the store, So I texted Miss Dianne that night, she responded very fast, and she told me don’t worry she will have one for her. Can you imagine she was so busy for the recital and she still managed to give my daughter a new tight? I was so worried Miss.Dianne might forgot about it.But she didn’t, I felt so thankful for her, she put every students in her heart,She always so positive and bright! She has the most beautiful studio in the mall! Many things happened throughout the years, we never heard any negative words come out from her, she always cheers the kids up, we have so many great teachers in the town, she is one of them, she earns my respect!

Lei Hu

As a child I loved to dance, and The Dance Factory was where I spent the majority of my time dancing and learning to lead, teach and choreograph. Now, 30+ years later, while I do not formally practice dance, I carry it in my heart always, and have self-confidence that I would not otherwise have, due to the opportunities provided to me by Dianne. The balance, stamina, flexibility and muscle memory developed in dance have also provided life-long health benefits to me. I would highly recommend Dianne and The Dance Factory for students who would like to learn to dance, have some fun, challenge themselves, and grow in ways that would otherwise be unimaginable.

Wendy Stokna

We have been with The Dance Factory of Saratoga Springs for 6 years now. Ms. Dianne is truly a wonderful teacher who is so loved by our dance families. She is patient, kind and works hard to make sure her students get the most out of dance class. The studio is absolutely beautiful; as she takes great pride in the gorgeous window dressings, especially around each holiday. It is also exceptionally clean, especially considering the amount of children and parents who come in each day! If you are considering signing up your child for dance lessons, I highly recommend Dianne and The Dance Factory of Saratoga Springs! You will not find a more beautiful studio or a more wonderful instructor. Please check out the photos I’ve included to see our gorgeous studio!!

Melissa McAllister

The Dance Factory provides an incredibly nurturing learning environment for students of all levels. Dianne goes above and beyond to provide performance opportunities in and around Saratoga and supports leadership opportunities at an early age. I am continuously amazed how Dianne grows The Dance Factory each year and I am proud to say I have had the opportunity to dance under her instruction. If you are looking for a safe and welcoming learning space for you and your family I would highly recommend The Dance Factory to anyone in the area.

Melanie Bourgeault

Our teenage daughter has been with the studio for over 10 years. We have been beyond satisfied with Miss Diane’s teaching style and approach. She meets every child where their talent is at and nurtures it through praise and positive reinforcement. Our daughter has grown as a dancer but more than that has grown into a confident, strong, centered teen because of the gift of dance through Miss Diane’s talents as a leader.

Jennifer Lyons

My daughter has been dancing at this studio for the past 4 years. Dianne does such an amazing job teaching dance skills and creating beautiful choreography. We love being part of the Dance Factory Family!! ❤️

Nicole Maisano

Dianne was a wonderful teacher. I was really nervous, because I have two left feet, but she made me feel so comfortable. She was very kind and patient. Definitely recommend!

Shayda Saeedi

My daughter has been dancing with Miss Dianne for ten years; since my daughter was three years old. Dianne has nurtured my daughter’s love of dance from the baby classes and her first recital as a cuddly duck in a fluffy white tutu to her solo classes over the last couple of years. She has harnessed my daughter’s energy and passion for dance and the studio has become a second home to both my daughter and me. Dianne uses the right level of flexibility, fun and discipline to get the best out of her dancers. Since my daughter has been dancing her entire school aged life, she has better time management skills and focus because she has learned to juggle the demands of her passion for dance and her schoolwork. I was taught by two former Rockettes who were very professional, but strict and demanding from the minute I hit the dance floor at the age of six. Dianne is a breath of fresh air combining the right level of discipline and fun from the tiniest dancers to the high school dancers.

Jill Ferguson Warmbier

Dianne is the best! She’s very dedicated to her students, dances with heart and always looking for ways to take it all to the next level in dance. Best studio in town to take your kids to!

Lisa B